Farms and ….. Chickens

I live on a 150 acre farm in rural Randolph County, North Carolina. I’ve lived here all my life. My Dad ran a dairy farm and taught school for about twenty years. When my brother and I left for college, he lost his free labor, became a school principal and shifted the farm over to beef cattle. When I married, my wife and I moved into the old farm house and have lived here for 31 years. I helped my Dad with the cows until he passed away last year. Since then, I have taken over responsibility for the farm. We’ve raised 2 sons, one an undergraduate at UNC and the other entering law school at UNC and just married. My wife has always loved the cows, but recently she and my older son decided that a farm can’t be a farm without chickens. Now I’m in the chicken business with 3 bantams, 3 Dominickers and 6 Guineas. Here we go. Hope I get an egg soon.

(image copyright 2008 by Dan Routh)

Here’s Marco Polo, our rooster.

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