ASMP/North Carolina Hosts Jack Reznicki

Register and come join ASMP/North Carolina Tuesday, September 9 on the RCC campus in Asheboro, NC for a fun and informative evening with Jack Reznicki, one of the original Canon Explorers of Light.

Humor, wit, and more than a passing familiarity with the absurd have all helped Jack Reznicki become one of the most sought-after illustrative and people photographers in New York. In recent years he may be best know for his expressive photographs of kids or as he says, “Kids as kids.” Jack will go over how to direct people to get those expressions he’s so well know for. He believes the people and kids in front of your camera should not be there just to reflect light; they should actually look full of life, regardless of what type of photography you do.

Always insightful, entertainingly outspoken, and refreshingly candid, Jack will discuss in this far-reaching session, his commercial and personal work and how they interact, his vision of the future of our industry, copyright and licensing issues, and his popular “Lighting Concepts.”

For more information, including registration forms, go to:
(info courtesy of ASMP-NC)

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