Friday Portrait

(image copyright 2008 by Dan Routh)

Portrait of Devin.
A question that often comes up is how much post-processing should be done to images. For me, it is as “much as it needs” to give the effect I am after. I shoot in raw format, which is basically like using a digital negative. Every file I shoot is processed in raw conversion software (I use Adobe’s Raw Converter) and corrected for color and contrast. If I’m doing editorial work, I pretty much stop there. If I’m doing commercial advertising or art, I may do a lot more. I am not in the least bit opposed to manipulating an image in Photoshop to create a feel that I’m trying to create, such as producing a gritty or poloroid type effect. I try to be subtle, but I can push things pretty far. Do I ever overdo things? Sure, sometimes; but usually I try to keep things under control. How much post I do usually ends up being determined by what mood I’m in that day. I will say that very seldom have I seen an image come straight out of a digital camera that didn’t need at least some basic post.

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