Poetry by a Young Man

My younger son Devin is finishing his studies at UNC this spring and among his academic leanings is poetry. He is also of that age where his writing tends towards romance and love. He handles words the way I wish I could handle photographs. Here is one of his latest works.

Painted dreams grow painted flowers,
Endless plains need countless hours,
Distant worlds feel stardust showers,
And all I want is you.

Stroke by stroke the mind’s brush colours
Every petaled leaf of summer,
All alive but all are duller
Than days I spend with you.

Sun soaked fields that reach forever
Into brazened sky that never
Can be reached unless I feather
And learn to fly with you.

Spinning spheres in constant gloaming
Feel the cosmos ever growing
Catch the sunny solar snowing
Of stars that glow like you.

Every thought I’ve ever wondered,
Every dream I’ve reached in slumber,
Bows before the rippling thunder
That claps when I touch you.

Besides the romantic thoughts of a young man, Devin understands my feelings as well. Last night on Facebook, a friend of mine commented on a photograph of my late father. After a comment by me about how I miss my Dad, Devin wrote the following for me.

Close your eyes, and look inside
to see your heroes from the past.
Soon you’ll know those heroes go
on pearl white ships with silken masts
to seas of joy that are so vast
they hold a place for you and me,
and everyone we’d love to see,
to dance on waves eternally.

Pretty cool I thought. For more eclectic verse, visit Devin’s blog at http://dranian.blogspot.com/

(photographs copyright 2009 by Dan Routh, poetry copyright by Devin Routh)

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