Farmall Super A Tractor

A 1948 Super A Farmall tractor sits at the end of a row of corn in my garden in Randolph County, North Carolina. This is a very special piece of machinery to me. My Grandfather bought it new in 1948 and it has been in use on our farm by him, my Father, me and my sons ever since. As a kid, I literally spent days in the seat plowing (cultivating) corn. This tractor is perfect for that, because the engine is offset and you can look straight down and see the rows of corn pass under you. We don’t raise a lot of corn anymore, but we continue to use the tractor in our garden to cultivate and lay off rows. The old guy just keeps on going.

The inset is a self portrait of the “A” and me.

(photographs copyright 2009 by Dan Routh)

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