Doorknobs and Broomsticks

I live in a hundred year old farmhouse and a lot of the hardware is also that age. The other day I needed a glass doorknob to replace a broken one, so I headed across the street from my photography studio in Greensboro to Mary’s Antiques. Mary’s is an institution in the antique district in Old Greensboro and I have known her for years. We have bought pieces for our home and rented props for photo shoots. She carries a wonderful variety of fine antique furniture and an eclectic collection of collectibles. You never know what she might have in stock. She is also known for having perhaps the best selection of architectural antiques in the area, so if you need a door, or a knob or a hinge, her shop is the place to go. Mary’s is located at 607 South Elm Street, and can be reached at 336-378-8877 or at If you are in downtown Greensboro, stop by her shop and browse. It’s worth the trip.

(photographs copyright 2009 by Dan Routh)

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