Eggs Revisited

(Photograph copyright 2010 by Dan Routh)

At the risk of being redundant in my blog, I am posting another image of guinea eggs from our farm. This blog is really a visual compilation of what I do both professionally and personally so redundancy is part of the equation. Photography and farming can be quite the same. On the farm things run in seasons, each year we plant and harvest the same ground and we watch the same herd of cows have babies and grow. We produce the same crops and we have the same daily chores. In photography, I often see the same subjects over and over. Do I not shoot something because I already have a photograph of it? Of course not. I try to shoot things that are visually interesting no matter how many times I’ve shot them before. Even though it’s the same subject, I hope to produce a unique image or to improve on a previous one. And, the guineas went to the trouble of laying all these eggs and hiding them, so, the least I can do is shoot them when I find them.

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