Master blacksmith Jerry Darnell works in his shop, Mill Creek Forge, on Busbee Rd near Jugtown in Moore County, North Carolina. Jerry is a retired high school math teacher who now produces colonial style iron works full time. He started working with metal when he was young, learning welding and metal work from his father, and then learning blacksmithing from several nationally known smiths. Jerry has been forging metal for some 40 years. He now also teaches blacksmithing at several national craft schools such as the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. For more information on his business and his beautiful work, go to

(Photographs copyright 2010 by Dan Routh)

5 thoughts on “Blacksmith

  1. Thanks Michael. Going through my processing procedure and why I do it would probably take a while (Some burning and dodging, tonal contrast changes and adding a little bit of texture). I do a substantial amount of work to images in Photoshop, but really. not too much. Basically, what I try to do is produce a photograph that looks the way I saw it with my eyes, and for the most part, files that come straight out of a camera don't usually look that way.


  2. Thanks for the reply, Dan. I helped Jerry work on some bracing for my kiln last summer. His shop's amazing. I kept bumping my head on the overhang out back; it was so low. He ran out of space for the roof and kept going a bit too far. You could just about take a picture anywhere in his shop and have a great background. Your pictures capture his energy.


  3. Hi there Dan, i was about to go through your blog history archives to see wether or not you had any more blacksmithing photograph. Instead, I thought I would save time by asking you directly; do you have other work which is Metalwork/Blacksmith orientated?


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