New Digs

dan routh studio

(Photograph copyright 2017 by Dan Routh)

We have been working in a space in 620 South Elm St (the Old Blue Bell factory) in Old Greensboro for the past several years. The building was recently sold to developer Andy Zimmerman and a planned renovation has begun. Our section of the building was scheduled to be gutted and renovated first, so we were offered a new space in the other side of the facility. From Suite 254 we are now situated on third floor in Suite 332. As of today, we are now up and running. Besides our location services, we can handle studio portraiture, model, actor and executive head shots and small product and tabletop photography. If you have the work, we need your business.

Firefighters and the Flood

Some days are better than others and of course, some are more trying. Today was one of those trying ones, for sure. Late this morning while I was beginning to edit a job, the fire alarm in our building went off, which is never a good sign. After checking things out, I found out a cable worker had knocked a sprinkler head off in the hallway above my studio, directly above. A deluge of water soon began to pour through my ceiling and I started the rush to move my computer and camera equipment before it was ruined. With the help of my wonderful building neighbors, I was able to move everything that could be horribly damaged (I hope) including my film archive. Still, a lot of water came in and a lot of damage was done. A flood. Bright sunny day, my studio is on the second floor, fifteen feet above the ground, and I have a flood.

However, even in adversity comes opportunity, I guess. I’ve been thinking of doing portraits of firefighters, and have been thinking about who to approach. This morning, they approached me. The firemen of the Greensboro Fire Department showed up at my door and I grabbed a couple of images of them as I was documenting the damage to my studio.

(Photographs copyright 2011 by Dan Routh)