Need a Photographer? Then Find a Photographer.

In need of a photographer for your commercial or editorial project, or even your portrait in Greensboro, North Carolina? Then by all means, give me a call. But, if for some reason I’m not available, or if you need a photographer in another city and you don’t want to send me, or if you just don’t feel I’m right for the job, then take a look at the ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) service “Find a Photographer”. On the national site, there is a listing by geographic area and specialty for the whole country with contact information and portfolios of member photographers. The national link is Most chapters also have their own listings. ASMP-NC, the chapter for North Carolina members has a link just for this state at In either case, you are provided with a comprehensive list of established and experienced professionals that can fill your needs in completing your next photography project.

“Founded in 1944, the American Society of Media Photographers (originally the Society of Magazine Photographers and later the American Society of Magazine Photographers) is the leading trade association for photographers who photograph primarily for publication. ASMP promotes photographers’ rights, educates photographers in better business practices, produces business publications for photographers and helps buyers find professional photographers. ASMP has 39 chapters across the country and its members include many of the world’s foremost photographers.” (from

PS. For all of you with IPhones, there is a Find a Photographer app available for your phone.

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