International Civil Rights Center & Museum

(Photograph copyright 2010 by Dan Routh)

Greensboro is preparing itself this weekend for the long anticipated opening of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. The museum will be located in the old Woolworth building on North Elm Street, site of a historic sit-in. Fifty years ago Monday, February 1st, four African-American students from North Carolina A&T University began a sit-in at the all white lunch counter at Woolworth which led to a change in the racial policy there and had a profound effect on the country’s Civil Rights movement. The museum will house the original lunch counter as well as exhibits on the Civil Rights movement from other places. Monday morning there will be the official ribbon cutting and opening of the museum, which will draw visitors and officials from around the country. I am proud to be covering this historical event.

4 thoughts on “International Civil Rights Center & Museum

  1. Dan,
    My name is Roy Church. I am in the hospital recovering from surgery for desmoid tumors. My son, Richard Church, was telling me about your website and pulled it up for me. It is awesome. I particularly liked the one of the old bottle. We used to collect bottles from Wabash, IN, where we live. I am a former newspaper journalist whose job was eliminated back in June. I have been doing some freelance work since. I hear good things about you and your family, your farm, etc. Hopefully, we can get a chance to meet when I get recovered and start coming back to North Carolina. Thanks for sharing your work on the Web.


  2. Roy,

    Thank you for your very kind remarks. It is good to know that my work is being enjoyed. Our family really enjoyed meeting your son Richard and his family as we did some “chicken” business. I hope you continue to recover and get to leave the hospital soon. We would love to meet you.


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