Amos Hinshaw Barn Details

I continue today with some interior and detail views of the Amos Hinshaw barn in southern Randolph County, North Carolina. Built sometime around 1880, the design is of a type not normally seen locally with it’s massive two story design and brick ramp leading into the second story.

Latch detail.

A pile of horse “single trees” along with plows and implements on the ground floor where livestock was housed and equipment stored.

Notice the strips of wood on the floor of the barn ramp to provide traction for the horses/mules bringing hay into the loft.

(Photographs copyright 2010 by Dan Routh)

3 thoughts on “Amos Hinshaw Barn Details

  1. I'm being somewhat nosy, but how did you get into the barn? Do you know Waldo or Helen personally? I've been fascinated with both buildings ever since I got Catherine Bisher's books (I have all three) and started looking for the historic properties she had listed.


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