18 thoughts on “Staley, North Carolina

  1. I absolutely love going to this place. My cousin Sammy used to get breakfast from there all the time. So much love is felt as soon as you walk through the door. They really truly treat everyone like their own family. Amazing is all I can say. Great food too.


  2. Ms. Gwen is the salt of the earth kind of lady. She gives so much to children in the community and is just a pleasure to chat with. This photograph is just precious, and I can hear her chuckle just by seeing it.


  3. Just love these 2 we lived across from the grill for 11 years Ms Gwen is a blessing to All,Sammy always made sure that my in home Birthday parties were Aleays On Point!!!! Love These Two


  4. Love love love Gwen and Sammy! Not only do they cook delicious food but they are big in helping the community. You are always guaranteed a huge smile, joke and someone who will pray for you or your family member when in need. What a blessing they are to sooo many people!! Love you guys!😊


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