Rocky the Pineywoods Bull

Pineywoods is a heritage breed of cattle descended from the first cattle the Spanish brought to the New World. They are browsers as well as grazers and evidently spend about as much time browsing on woody plants and leaves as they do eating pasture grass. Mike Hansen and his wife Sue of Ozark Akerz raise their herd near Coleridge, North Carolina. For more information on their operation, go to their website at or their Facebook page at

(Photograph copyright 2021 by Dan Routh)

Stripping Tobacco

Today is the first day since I lost my dear wife Dedra that I have felt like reengaging with social media. Yesterday I continued a personnel project to document migrant farm workers that work on local farms. I have been photographing these guys for several years now and they know who I am and what I do. Through my broken Spanish and their broken English we have managed to communicate and I am happy to say that some of their girlfriends and wives in Mexico follow my feeds in order to see images of their partners at work. Their humanity is profound and their work ethic is unmatched. My wife Dedra always enjoyed looking at the portraits I have been able to capture and she always had a respect for the hard work these guys produced. Today I thanked them for letting me move among them and record their lives. I think my dear Dedra would approve.

Grays Chapel, North Carolina.

(Photograph copyright 2021 by Dan Routh)